Check out Spout's atmospheric water generator for another ultra-pure water solution (glad to intro you to the team if you're interested): https://www.spoutwater.com/

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I'll look!

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Random thoughts on your Ask. Hope it helps with your mental ping pong.

I can't wait to read your newsletter. I find your writing super chill and authentic. Your reflections and the resources you share are gold. I have discovered so many valuable resources/books/people.

TBH I skim through the health/food/medical parts. I get that this THE thing for you right now and sharing this comes naturally. I just can't find deep interest in this area now.

From where I am sitting I see these paths:

- 5x zooming out, so that more people would tag along

- 2x zooming in, which would make you a category of one

I would -egoistically- prefer the first, but I am not sure it is the correct one.

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what would 5x zooming out look like?

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Not quite sure :)

But let me scan and write I episodes parts were fire for me.

Since I am drawn to the non-health stuff it might be a helpful exercise.

“What’s new”:

I find the more personal stuff 10/10:

ep 54 - getting rid of the script that served you

50 - striving for goal achievement vs changing who You are

42 - finding your passion

41 - committing

24 - developing conviction on a big decision

“Bizz Staff”:

I skip when it is heavily food/healthy industry focused (e.g. 54).

I found these 10/10:

48 - growing, investing in 2 coaches, buying back your time

34 - how things you did not like were not getting done in your business

A pattern I see:

- things within your reach but out of reach for most people (e.g. trying two coaches)

- your unique blend of business experience + your clarity of thought (e.g. business decisions, reflections)

“Health Staff”:

I do like this section.

But the overall episode will be heavy for me when both "Health Staff" and "Business Staff" focus on this area.

Hope it helps!

Keep it up Justin.

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What do you drink when you go out for a meal? Or you bring a water bottle with you?

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I bring or buy bottled water

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Great post. Enjoyed the personal narrative too--I can relate. I can turn a lot of things into stories.

Also, I need to stop reading these before heading to bed. They get me too fired up! (regulatory capture, etc). lol.

Don't have particular advice, but I am 100% for you growing the newsletter. I would love more people to be reading this. The more the better!

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