Congrats on your marriage! (Most people would say on your wedding but the engagement and wedding are just the carrots and dip before the wonderful prime rib and lobster dinner of marriage 🥳) Our 28th anniversary is a week from Saturday and I love being married. It’s work of course - but great!

Best advice from someone married and with 2 married daughters - the wedding is just a party. Stuff will go wrong. Laugh about it. Enjoy the party, talk to people you never see, dance and eat cake. You won’t remember a lot of it the next day and there are people who came from far away that you didn’t get to talk to - and that’s ok. They’re there to enjoy your joy, and that’s enough.

All the best!

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Congrats on the marriage!

Couple months back, you recommended pliability for mobility exercises. Just curious, are you still using it?

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yup! and enjoy it

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