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What is the root cause of most of our problems?


This is our #1 issue. We cannot rank anything higher than this issue. It is an issue we can and should all agree on. All political sides and all people.

It is like having a computer that has been hacked and corrupted. When we sit here arguing about hot button or other issues that is like arguing about what programs run better on the corrupted computer. NONE of them run better. Not until we fix the system. We have to put all of our attention on focusing on fixing the ACTUAL SYSTEM first. It's not that hard to do actually. We just need a movement. A decentralized one. And a plan.

What is the solution? Our systems have been corrupted by regulatory capture and special interest groups - we can't expect the system to fix itself. We need a NEW idea. One that makes the old one obsolete.

If our problem is systemic corruption the best cure is radical FORCED TRANSPARENCY.

I beg all of you to read this, and then join in the solutions minded comments. It is totally free:


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Since you mentioned that you're on the hunt for people, projects, and ideas I wanted to share a little side project of mine with you.

I put all supplements listed on Examine in Google Trends to see what's growing fast right now. Here's the list: https://undertheradar.io/supplements

I also did the same with common diseases and symptoms here: https://undertheradar.io/symptoms



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Mar 7, 2022·edited Mar 7, 2022

Could you recommend any particular sources indicating that animal fats are preferable to olive/avocado oil?

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